Tsultrim Dorjee | 次成多杰

Tsultrim Dorjee | 次成多杰

November 28: A Tibetan college student was arrested today for attempting to set himself on fire at a protest rally in the Indian capital New Delhi.

Tsultrim Dorjee, a Delhi University student, tried to self-immolate just before the mass protest rally began from Rajghat, memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. Nearby Tibetans saw him dousing petrol over his body and quickly intervened and prevented him from setting himself on fire. He was then detained by police and released after the protest rally ended.

Over 400 Tibetans took part in the protest rally organised by the Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest pro-independence group in exile, to show “solidarity with Tibetan self-immolators and to appeal for immediate international intervention.”

Tsultrim Dorjee | 次成多杰 was the 5th(2ndin India) Tibetan who attempted self-immolatin (since 2012) but failed.

次成多杰,印度流亡社区藏人,是印度新德里大学学生; 男,约20岁左右。
约有400多位藏人参与了由西藏青年大会(Tibetan Youth Congress)举办的游行。西藏青年大会是流亡藏人中最庞大的亲西藏独立组织。该次游行的宗旨是“与自焚藏人团结及要求国际即刻对中共政府采取干预”。