Sonam Dhargey | 索南达杰

Sonam Dhargey | 索南达杰

Two Tibetan teenagers set themselves on fire in Kyangtsa region of Zoege, eastern Tibet on February 19, protesting China’s continued occupation and repressive policies in Tibet.

Rinchen, 17 and Sonam Dhargey, 18 have succumbed to their burns.

According to the exile base of Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala, the two teenagers carried out their fiery protest at around 9:30 pm (local time) yesterday.

“It is not currently known what slogans they raised during the protest,” Kirti Monastery in a release said.

“The families of the two teenagers are in possession of their bodies and are hoping to carry out their final rites without any interference from the Chinese authorities.”

Sonam Dhargey | 索南达杰 was the 110th(106thinside Tibet) Tibetan self-immolator since 2009.

安多左格(今四川省阿坝藏族羌族自治州若尔盖县)降扎乡人,18岁。 2013年2月19日(藏历新年初九),晚上约9点半,索南达杰与仁青一起,在若尔盖县降扎乡点火自焚,当场牺牲。他们的遗体被藏人们抬回家中,希望能够以藏人的传统葬俗在西藏宗教的关照下送葬两位青年。目前还不清楚他们是否喊过口号,留过遗言。 索南达杰是若尔盖县降扎乡农牧民,在降扎乡小学毕业。他的父亲名叫才让顿珠,母亲名叫扎阔。