Lungtok | 隆多

Lungtok | 隆多

Note: Japanese artist Tomoyo Ihaya painted the image for Lungtok.

Sources from the Kirti monastery in exile: At around 6:50pm on August 13th, the monk Lungtok, aged about 20, from Soruma and a student in Kirti monastery’s medical college, set fire to himself in a prayer wheel enclosure on the monastery’s perimeter, and then emerged shouting protest slogans onto the ‘Heroes’ road’ leading into town from the monastery.

As Lungtok approached the junction with the central street, a group of policemen surrounded him, put out the flames and took him away. It is unclear whether he was still alive at that time. Both were taken initially to the county hospital, and then within half an hour they were taken to the Prefecture hospital in Barkham, but according to witnesses, their burns were so severe that there is little hope of survival.

Lungtok is the son of Richung, who passed away some time ago, and his mother’s name is Lumo.

Lungtok | 隆多 was the 53th(50thinside Tibet) Tibetan self-immolator since 2009.