Jugtso | 秋措

Jugtso | 秋措

Note: Japanese artist Tomoyo Ihaya painted the image for Jugtso.

Free Tibet News Release

Jugtso set herself alight outside a monastery in Ngaba, eastern Tibet around 3pm local time today, 16 April. Local witnesses confirmed that she died at the scene. Her body was taken into the monastery where religious ceremonies were conducted. Local authorities have ordered her family to cremate the body tonight, in contravention of Tibetan tradition. Hundreds of members of the local community have gathered near the family home in preparation for the cremation.

Jugtso was married with a three-year-old child.

The monastery has been the location for a number of self-immolation protests, including that of a mother-of-four in March 2013. The last confirmed self-immolation in Tibet was on 26 March but unconfirmed reports suggest that there has been at least one further attempted self-immolation in Yushu County, in protest against destruction of homes and land-grabbing by the authorities as redevelopment takes place after the devastating earthquake in the area on 14 April 2010.

Jugtso | 秋措 was the 119th(115thinside Tibet) Tibetan self-immolator since 2009. She was the 18thfemale self-immolator.

秋措, 安多壤塘(今四川省阿坝州壤塘县中壤塘乡)牧民,20岁。
2013年4月16日下午3点左右,在觉囊派壤塘大寺附近自焚,当场牺牲。此前已有5位藏人在此进行自焚抗议,包括两位母亲。 藏人们将秋措的遗体送往寺院,举行了超度祈福法会,随后将她的遗体送回她家。
当局要求立即处理后事。数百僧俗聚集在她家中准备葬礼,显示了不惧压迫的团结和关切。 秋措的父亲名叫丹科,母亲名叫卓吉。秋措已婚,丈夫名叫贡却,24岁,他们有一个年仅3岁的孩子。